Catherine Cheung | 张瑛瑶

Pianist | Composer

Catherine Cheung is a pianist, composer and teacher based in London

First day of summer + new playlist!

I think it's safe to say summer is finally here! I've spent the entire day working and practising. Something about the summer sun just makes me feel really energetic and more productive and I love it! As the days are getting longer, it means I'll be improvising in daylight and I'm curious to know whether it will affect what I come up with off the top of my head.

So here's an excuse to share with you my latest improvisation! Let me know whether you think the mood of this track is any different. 

I'd also like to add that a new playlist for my improvisations has been added to the 'Listen' section of my website. (Click on 'Media' first and 'Listen' is in the drop down menu.) 

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